Following on from the plug-in built for previous versions of Mirantis OpenStack, we’re thrilled that the plug-in written for Mirantis OpenStack 9.0 has now been certified and is available from the validated solutions catalog!

The combination of Mirantis OpenStack 9.0 and Citrix XenServer brings some great features and ease of use:

  • Support for OpenStack Mitaka release - taking advantage of new features and stability improvements

  • Mirantis OpenStack’s Fuel deployment system - taking the pain of configuration and installation out of OpenStack.

  • Run all OpenStack Services in Virtual Machines - Get all the advantages of virtualisation for your OpenStack infrastructure as well as the Tenant VMs

  • Software defined networking for the OpenStack Service VMs with Named networks, VLANs and tunnels - take the guesswork out of provisioning your environment.

  • Enterprise-level XenServer features, including:

    • Automatic management of the logo-certified Windows virtualised network and disk drivers.

    • Direct-Inspect APIs for better-than-physical virus, malware and hacker protection

    • Automatic hypervisor health checks, routinely running checks against your XenServer setup to notify you of actions needed to be taken

See the XenServer 7 launch blog post for even more reasons to chose XenServer, and check out the YouTube video showing how easy it is to install and configure a XenServer + Mirantis OpenStack 9.0 environment!